Monthly Archives: January 2017

Nina North gets rubbed on all her sore spots

Nina North was feeling sore from a long week of work. She works hard, so when she’s on her time off, she likes to call in her personal massage therapist, Logan. He knows how to rub her down the right way and make her feel just right. Nina always expects the best from him, because he has strong firm hands that take hold of her and remove every knot. Logan also has a soft touch when massaging all of Nina’s delicate parts. He’s so good in fact that he always makes her wet and horny. Nina rewards Logan’s diligant hands with a hot blowjob to massage her gums and her throat. Deep tissue massage begins when Logan lubricates Nina’s wet pussy with his tongue to ensure maximum comfort before he massages her interior pussy with his firm dick. When they both cum, the massage is over, and then Nina wishes Logan a good day and tells him See you next week!

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